That Time He Stayed

This scene takes place the morning after Foster stays the night.




She lied there sleeping and I couldn’t help but stare at her. I don’t know what I was thinking, staying last night. We didn’t have a rule about staying over night, but there was something different about sleeping next to her. I couldn’t come up with an excuse other than she asked me to and for some odd reason, I was compelled to lie next to her.

Evelyn stirred next to me, rolling her head until her gaze met mine in the stillness of the cool morning.

She blinked her lids and parted her lips, drawing my attention to them.

I needed to be closer to her. The inches we were apart felt like miles.

Reaching an arm around her body, I edge my body closer to hers. I wanted to caress her. Take my time with her. I wanted to…feel her. Every pat of her body and soul. I wanted to know more about this girl. More than what we already shared. I craved her.

I flirted my lips with hers, cherishing the temptation. Usually we were all about functionality, but on this morning, I wanted to take it slow.

She crawled her languid fingers up the front of my chest, lightly grazing them along the shape of my jaw as I continued to memorize the shape of her mouth with mine. I had felt it many times in the past, however, never like this. It was like eating a candy bar for the first time without hunger. It was all about the process and enjoyment.

Like I was testing the waters, I caressed the shape of her hip slowly and edged my palm up and under her cotton shirt. I was touching her with a new appreciation.

“Kiss me,” she said, laced with desire.

Unable to say no, I pressed my mouth to hers and my entire body shot to life. The hunger was taking over. I gripped her hips and rolled us so that she was positioned on top of me, her legs straddling my hips, and grinded her pelvis over my anxious cock. I could already feel the moisture from her. I had never had a girl get so aroused so quickly for me before and fuck if it didn’t turn me on.

I sucked on her lower lip and then said, “Good morning.”

“It certainly is,” she breathed hotly into my mouth while pressing herself against me harder.

I made haste of her shirt and then her bra. She joined the party and pulled my shirt off quickly, and then ran her curious fingers all over my chest. My mouth when straight for her nipple, because her tits were fucking perfect, and I showed respect to the other with my hand. She must have loved it because she arched her back, fully giving me the girls. Evelyn definitely wasn’t shy when it came to sex, that was for sure and always was game for anything.

Ready for me, so much more, I smoothed my palms down her back, slipped my fingers under her panties and quickly released them from her body while kissing her heatedly. She pulled off my boxers and then handed me a condom from her nearby nightstand. I put it on and she took position over me, placing her hands on either side of my head, and sliding her wet folds over me.

“Sit up,” I demanded.

She almost laughed. “You want to watch, don’t you?”


She didn’t argue with me or protest and did as I requested. The fucking temptress teased my dick with her pussy a few times before slowly lower herself over me and then rising, repeatedly. I loved it. I fucking loved it more than I should. I loved what she did, how she did. The way her body felt. The way she looked. It was like, I couldn’t get enough and I loved it even more when she came.

I smacked her ass, twice, and Evelyn rode my cock faster, harder, and somewhat uncontrollably. Wanting to see her lose all her inhibitions, to let go completely, I circle her clit with my thumb, causing her to utter pleasurable whimpers.

I fucking loved when she did that. I loved making her make that sound.

“Evelyn,” I breathed. It was her name, but somehow saying it felt it meant more. It was more intimate.

She bounced on my dick faster, moaned louder and moments later, screamed guttural sounds of pure orgasmic bliss.

When her breathing went from panting to labored, she leaned forward and kissed me, satiated. Still not done, I rolled her to her back and then thrust into her hard and fast. She dug her fingers into my shoulders, wrapped her legs about me, and connected her hot mouth with my neck.


I needed more of her.

I needed…

A familiar tingle raced up my spine and I pushed into her once more, coming so hard I lost my ability to think logically. That part of my brain became clouded with lust. With Evelyn.

I lifted my head from the crook of her neck, having a need to see her sexy face. She positioned a hand between us and without a thought, I kissed her palm, and then collapsed back over her.




Where did I go?

I crossed a line. I know I did. We were supposed to high five and I kissed her instead. My body made me do it—my mind had no say in the act.

She slid her arms around my back and I did the same in return, squeezing my lids shut. I tightened my embrace around her, holding her close.

Don’t let go.

Fuck. Get those thoughts out of your head.

We held each other.

I was too afraid to let go, to find out what’s on the other side of this moment.

Then, her phone rang.