Breaks are good.



What’s up with me?

Yesterday was a good day

I had one of those moments when you “click,” you know? An a-ha moment about being an author.

I get so wrapped up in my head and stressed but I realized yesterday that when I started to write my series, that took almost two years to complete, it was like madness and I had to get it out.

So until I feel like that again, I don’t plan to publish anything for the sake of anything. So yeah…I had an om moment.

The book market is constantly changing and for some time I was feeling like I had to speed up and put out more so not to get lost in the shuffle…but for me, that’s not why I want to write. And more so, not why I want to publish.

I’ve started two stories recently and have others in my mind waiting to be told. It’s weird… It’s not like a writers block in anyway, the words and stories are there, I think it’s more the feeling.

So to answer a blaring question…no, I’m not writing right now. I’m on sabbatical until I’m ready to tell another story. I have them ready and waiting for me, some I’ve even started. Actually, I’ve started three, but they will be there when it’s their time.

What I’m finding is that every author and person is different. Some can write one great book after another. I’m not one of those. Writing for me is emotionally exhaustive. As I feel it should be. Words are the soul’s blood and bleeding takes a lot out of a person. Anyhow, that’s how I want to write… I want to bleed.



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