Week of Fun – Day Three

267542034083443265_1fgVai4U_cWelcome to Day Three of the week of fun.  Each day, M-F, this week I will be offering a bit of trivia about myself, a teaser for After Tuesday, and giveaway to celebrate my birthday this week.

Trivia – All of my critique partners call me Ninj and I highly doubt they remember my real name.  Some days I am even dubbed yoda since I have gigantic thumbs subject to autocorrect, making me sound, well…yoda-like.

Tease -“It’s OK Dragon,” I say to him while rubbing his head.  “You can stay here with me.”

His eyes dart to me but I can see he is starting to relax.  Of course he’s relaxed, he’s drugged.

Giveaway – How long did it take me to complete my first draft of After Tuesday? HINT: Look at yesterday’s post.  Answer in the comments section below for a chance to win a $5 e-gift card from amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes.  That’s right…your choice.  Entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST, TODAY.  Good Luck. One winner will be chosen randomly from the comments below.

Congratulations: CRISSYMACKEY


14 thoughts on “Week of Fun – Day Three

  1. It took you almost three months to complete your first draft of After Tuesday 🙂 That’s an amazing feat! Thanks for the giveaway – I missed yesterdays 😦 *fingers crossed for today*

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